VDHS Round  3 Barjarg

We are excited to be hosting Round 3 of this year’s VDHS Series. The awesome tracks at Barjarg are hugely popular and will definitely not disappoint.

Event Details

Event Name: VDHS Round 3 – Barjarg
Event Type: State Competition
Location: Barjarg
State: VIC
Event Date: 26th November
Event End Date: 27th November
Rego Open Date: Monday 7th November (day after the You Yangs event)
Age Cut Off Date: 31st December 2017
Website: www.vdhs.com.au


Event Schedule

We are also running a shuttle day for those who would like to ride tracks on Friday – limited places, book thru shuttle days link or the link below.

0800 – 1600 Registration Open
0800 – 1000 Course available for on foot inspection
1000 – 1430 Official course practise (ALL GROUPS)
1430 – 1530 Official course practise (NO PRO GROUP)
1530 – 1630 Official course practise (PRO GROUP ONLY)

*Note: A diligent effort will be made by event organisers to police these groups on course to ensure all riders are given the best chance to complete full runs during practice.

PRO Group = Elite Men, Under 19 Men and Expert Men
Non Pro Group = all other categories

The Race Director has the ability to disqualify any rider that disobeys this rule. All Pro Group riders will have a colour coded race plate.

0800 – 0900 Registration Open. (Entries after 0900 will not be accepted)
0800 – 1100 Official Course Practice (ALL GROUPS)
1115 Sharp. Rider Briefing at event central (All riders MUST attend)
1130 Racing Begins
Presentations will be held at the conclusion of the Elite Mens final

Venue Details

Accommodation: Free Camping on site Friday & Saturday Nights.
If camping isnt your thing stay in Mansfield and book trough the visitor info centre.

Facilities: Full Catering and Toilets will be on site.

Location: Barjarg, Victoria (full  details below).

Cost and Licence Details

Enter online and save!
Saturday & Sunday Senior = $100,
Saturday & Sunday Junior = $85 (Under 15 & Beginner ONLY)

Enter on the day:
Saturday & Sunday Senior = $120,
Saturday & Sunday Junior = $90 (Under 15 & Beginner ONLY)
Sunday Only Senior/Junior = $90
Weekend Racing licence = $25/$15

Yearly Racing licence: Junior $90, Senior $130 (may vary depending on which club you join)

All riders MUST produce their MTBA Competition Licence.

If you do not have proof of MTBA Competition Membership you will need to fill out and purchase a Weekend Racing Licence from registration.

Friday Ride Day

We are running shuttles on the Friday prior to the race. $50 for the day, numbers are limited.

Select 25th Nov Session from the list.

Senior Entry

Entry Price Online: $100
Entry Price On-the-day: $120
Elite Men, Elite Women, Under 19’s, Under 17’s, Expert, Veteran, Masters, Super Masters, Short Travel, Sport.

Junior Entry

Entry Price Online : $85
Entry Price On-the-day: $90
Under 15’s

Online Rego Closing

Closing Date: Thursday 24th November 2016 Time: 11.59pm

Prize Money

Elite Men/Women and Under 19 will receive prize money.

Getting There

So if your heading to Barjarg, make your way onto the Midland Highway between Mansfield and Benalla. Wether your coming from the north or the south, you will travel along the midland highway until you reach Lake Nillahcootie Road and turn up there. Follow all the way around the back of the lake until you see Sandy Creek Road on your right. Turn up there and continue along.

BEWARE the road is narrow and at times very hard to see oncoming traffic-PLEASE stick to 40kph and youll have no problem.

Keep following that road all the way up the to base of the mountain, where it will then curve around to the right and then slightly downhill towards the property. You will then pass through a gate. Continue PAST the big shed on your right, go straight ahead up over the hill and down the other side.

Keep going past the big white container on your left, and go right up into the far end of the paddock where you will see the rego tent where we will be based.

DO NOT park near or venture near the green shed/shack, this is private. Please respect this.

Event Rules

  1. You ride or shuttle up to the stage starts – this time does not count.
  2. You race down on a bunted race course – this time goes towards your race time.
  3. Full face helmets and elbow and knee pads are COMPULSORY for all race stages, and either full or open face also compulsory for all liaison stages. Helmets must be worn at all times when riding. All helmets must have an Australian or European Standards sticker clearly visible on them. These will be checked before your race run. Elbow and Knee pads are now compulsory from April 1st 2016.
  4. No shortcutting the track, bunted or otherwise. Any rider cutting the course is immediately disqualified from that race and points.
  5. You are issued a Sportident timing chip which reads your race time automatically.
  6. Timing chips must be returned to the Timing staff after the last race run at the finish area. Riders who fail to return their timing chip will be excluded from results and cannot claim race or series points. Your credit card will also be charged for a replacement chip.
  7. Race numbers must be displayed on the handlebars of the bicycle. The number plate must be readable, NOT folded or cut, so it must be fastened as flat as possible. Altering, cutting or placing of unauthorized sponsors’ logos on numbers will result in disqualification from any race.
  8. You keep your number on all weekend.
  9. For safety and insurance reasons riders must register before they will be allowed to practice.
  10. All courses are CLOSED to general public during competition. All courses are also closed to competitors of the event unless they are currently open for racing. This means before and after a course is raced, that course is CLOSED for safety reasons (no track marshals).
  11. Riders must present their MTBA membership card at registration, printed receipt, or purchase a MTBA day permit. NO EXCEPTIONS. We will not accept under any circumstances you showing us your Mtba membership on your phone or computer. If you get injured we do not have a copy of it. Likewise we will not accept you emailing it to us. Print it out and bring it to rego or bring your licence, OR buy a day licence.
  12. A rider whose race is stopped due to another rider crashing, requiring first aid, is allowed to restart thier race run ONCE during the event. Crashing, overtaking, being overtaken, missing a turn, mechanicals, running off course do not warrant a re-run. All re-runs must be approved prior to starting again by the race director. Riders who stop to help another injured rider will get a re-run.
  13. You are NOT allowed to change bikes in between your runs. One bike for all Gravity Enduro race stages no exceptions.
  14. Points for this race count towards any and all series points.
  15. All podium places go to third place for podium presentations except Elite Men and Woman.
  16. Once you have entered there is NO refunds or exchange. You wouldn’t get a refund from a concert or movie, so if you can’t compete for whatever reason, don’t expect it from us.
  17. Age categories are based on the age you are on the LAST DAY of competition Sunday May 15-2017. For example if you turn 19 on that day you cannot race under 19’s. However if you turned 19 AFTER the last day, you are able to race under 19’s.
  18. No outside interference OR assistance is allowed during a RACE STAGE during the event in reference to making your way DOWN a race stage. At no time is any competitor allowed to be shuttled, driven, pushed or helped in any way to the top of the mountain or between stages or during liaison stages in order to GAIN time or distance, unless by the head commissar/race organiser personally. Mechanical assistance for bike repairs, flats, mechanicals IS allowed on liason stages and in the race village.

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Expert - Stage Results

Pos No. Name Time Behind S 1 - Enduro 3 S 2 - Enduro 1 S 3 - Enduro 2 S 4 - Enduro 5
1st 50 marcell nunes 18:41.41   3:29.23 (1st) 6:21.42 (1st) 5:16.05 (2nd) 3:34.71 (3rd)
2nd 46 Aaron Pyle 19:02.69 +0:21.28 3:31.20 (2nd) 6:37.53 (8th) 5:23.40 (4th) 3:30.56 (2nd)
3rd 193 Ben Greenwood 19:10.40 +0:28.99 3:39.20 (5th) 6:31.17 (3rd) 5:23.46 (5th) 3:36.57 (5th)
4th 43 Travis Dawkins 19:13.30 +0:31.89 3:41.40 (8th) 6:26.11 (2nd) 5:38.59 (14th) 3:27.20 (1st)
5th 59 jason kensley 19:17.48 +0:36.07 3:51.17 (15th) 6:32.32 (4th) 5:14.97 (1st) 3:39.02 (6th)
6th 42 Adam Vesey 19:21.82 +0:40.41 3:47.54 (14th) 6:38.25 (9th) 5:16.35 (3rd) 3:39.68 (8th)
7th 167 Jack Galvin 19:41.47 +1:00.06 3:33.12 (3rd) 6:44.15 (11th) 5:34.56 (9th) 3:49.64 (15th)
8th 192 Bill McEvoy 19:44.00 +1:02.59 3:39.46 (6th) 6:48.68 (15th) 5:36.69 (12th) 3:39.17 (7th)
9th 49 Jake Lecluse 19:45.47 +1:04.06 3:43.52 (12th) 6:44.45 (12th) 5:35.50 (10th) 3:42.00 (11th)
10th 48 Dale Lecluse 19:46.99 +1:05.58 3:33.82 (4th) 6:43.58 (10th) 5:38.25 (13th) 3:51.34 (17th)
11th 51 Greg Glass 19:50.23 +1:08.82 3:42.15 (10th) 6:37.46 (7th) 5:41.62 (15th) 3:49.00 (13th)
12th 52 michael kinnane 19:53.25 +1:11.84 3:41.53 (9th) 6:47.26 (14th) 5:33.41 (8th) 3:51.05 (16th)
13th 45 Andrew McCaughan 19:56.22 +1:14.81 4:23.22 (19th) 6:32.62 (5th) 5:25.17 (6th) 3:35.21 (4th)
14th 44 Peregrine MacLeish 19:58.18 +1:16.77 3:52.53 (16th) 6:37.36 (6th) 5:36.53 (11th) 3:51.76 (18th)
15th 41 Guillom Courville 20:02.64 +1:21.23 3:54.21 (17th) 6:54.63 (16th) 5:33.16 (7th) 3:40.64 (9th)
16th 47 Michael Morgan 20:08.94 +1:27.53 3:46.02 (13th) 6:46.18 (13th) 5:48.84 (18th) 3:47.90 (12th)
17th 190 Tim McKechnie 20:25.87 +1:44.46 3:59.36 (18th) 7:03.21 (17th) 5:41.77 (16th) 3:41.53 (10th)
18th 191 Adam Davis 20:27.63 +1:46.22 3:42.54 (11th) 7:05.34 (19th) 5:47.00 (17th) 3:52.75 (19th)
19th 55 Aidan Meltzer 20:53.28 +2:11.87 3:40.24 (7th) 7:13.42 (20th) 5:51.12 (19th) 4:08.50 (20th)
20th 189 Martin Byrne 21:33.40 +2:51.99 4:30.21 (20th) 7:18.27 (21st) 5:55.47 (20th) 3:49.45 (14th)
dnf 53 Joel Loukas     4:33.60 (21st) 7:04.00 (18th) 7:32.16 (21st)  

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